When you get that once in a lifetime shot, there is nothing like the confidence of shooting a Backwater Custom Rifle.


Every component that goes into forming your perfect rifle is made of high-quality and long-lasting materials and resources.


At Backwater Custom Rifles, I do all work in-house with the current addition of a 4-axis CNC mill.


With each build, there are a variety of building components, I use components based on application and customer feedback.

Backwater Custom Rifles are proven performers in the field and in competition.


Robert McMichael


2016 IBS 10 Target Score Record Holder

2016 IBS 1000-yard Shooter of the Year

2015 IBS 1000-yard Shooter of the Year

Addison Gunter


2016 Mechanical Division Winner

Backwater Custom Rifles gunsmith, Britt Jones, poses with Addison Gunter after Gunter won a local match at Reese Bottom in Linden, AL using his Backwater Custom Rifle.


Match Format

1 – 5 shot target at 400 yards

1 – 10 shot target at 400 yards

1 – 5 shot target at 500 yards

1 – 10 shot target at 500 yards

Group Aggregate – 2.051

Score 300 10x

Small Group at 400 – .943″

Check out what SOME OF my clients have to say

“I have had several things done by Backwater Custom Rifles. Britt Jones does 5-star work. He really impresses me with how quick he gets things done.” W. Echols

“I can recommend, with no hesitancy, Britt Jones. He is a very sharp, well educated, young gunsmith, that pays a great deal of attention to detail.”

G. Morgan

“I could not be more happy with the way my first Backwater Rifle turned out! I’m anxious to get the “NF” on it and do some breaking-in.” M. Jordan